When we think to start an online business or want to transfer our business from local to online, then the questions appear in mind which are.

  1. What is hosting?
  2. How to choose the best web hosting?
  3. Which are the best hosting providers? and so on.

Today I am here with the answers of all the questions so lets get start.


What is in it for me?

  1. what is web hosting?
  2. Which are the types of hosting?
  3. Which is the best hosting for me?
  4. Which are The best hosting provider?
  5. How to buy hosting?
  6. Introduction to C-panel
  7. Content delivery network (CDN)
  8. Conclusion
  9. FAQ

What is web hosting?

Before knowing about hosting it is necessary to know some basic thing about website which are as follows

The website is non-other than a simple file created by some coding, images, videos, and text. This is the simple definition of a website.

So if a website is a file then we need to store it somewhere so people can access it easily and that storage is called simply hosting.

Hosting consist of Processor, RAM, SSD storage, and operating system which may be Windows or Linux

We can also use our computer as hosting but the problem is the computer which we are using as a hosting needs to active 24×7 with fast internet. And it will be a danger for the health of our computer.

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Which are the types of hosting?

Types with respect to the operating system.

If we divide hosting with respect to the operating system there are two types of popular hosting. One is windows hosting and another is Linux hosting. detail of this both are as follows.

1. Windows Hosting

If you are just going to start and you don’t know more about the hostings, then windows hosting is not for you. Because of the following reasons, this is becoming not suitable for lots of applications.

Following are the some major disadvantages of windows hosting.
  1. The biggest disadvantage is it is costlier than the Linux hosting.
  2. Requires a licence for using this hosting, and this needs to buy.
  3. It supports only selected formats like .net, ASP class, MSSQL, etc.
  4. No more modifications are available.

2. Linux Hosting

As we know Linux is the open-source operating system and there is no need to buy any license for this and this makes it most special for us. No matter who you are and what is your application Linux is suitable for large numbers of formats.

Following are the advantages of the Linux hosting
  1. It is very cheap than widows
  2. Linux is an open-source operating system
  3. No need to take a license
  4. Suitable for maximum formats
  5. Easy to install CDN like WordPress, Jumla, etc.
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Type with respect to requirements

When we think to buy hosting then it needs to choose the best hosting for our application. Hosting which must be suitable for our application and can easily handle the load which will come on our website.

Mainly there are three types of hosting which are

  1. Dedicated hosting
  2. Virtual private server (VPS)
  3. Sheared hosting

But now there is one more type of hosting developed which is Cloud Hosting it is no other than the upgraded version of VPS.

So the detailed description of this all is as follows.
1. Dedicated hosting

As we discussed above hosting is nun another than the setup of Processor, Ram, And SSD drive, and the dedicated hosting directly represents it.

In simple language when we buy the dedicated hosting from any company then the company can allot us one complete setup to us.

The big companies which are getting a lot of click at a time use these types of hosting. Also, companies with very high traffic like Amazon are using the number of dedicated hosting and distribute it in different locations.

2. Virtual private server (VPS)

Now the next is a virtual private server or VPS the name directly indicates that it is a private server but it is virtual. The concept is very easy, let’s understand.

When we want to buy the hosting but we dont have the requernment of complete pack of server or complete dedicated server thenthe consept VPS is come.

The company can simply divide the dedicated hosting into different parts the concept is same as dividing our computers SSD into Deferent drive. but the difference is that no one VPS owner can able to see the personnel files of other.

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3. Sheared hosting

When we start our business online or start any blogging website at that time we don’t know what will be the size of our dealy visiters.

At this time it is not good to invest the very high number of resources in hosting. So in the initial stage, we always prefer sheared hosting.

Sheared hosting is also the divided hosting like VPS but the main difference is that, Hosting provider companies can divide the VPS into the more small parts like the 10GB SSD to 50GB SSD storage.

In this RAM and Processor can also divide into the small part this thing makes your website slow to load.

The main disadvantage of shared hosting is if you attract the more than usual traffic on your site at a time then the hosting providers can down your site to make balance.

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The disadvantage of VPS and Shared Hosting

When we choose any VPS or Shared hosting there is one major disadvantage is that there are lots of companies that are hosted on the same server and if there is any problem happened with any single hosting then all the hosting can affect.

4. Cloud Hosting

As we discussed above the major problem with VPS hosting this was a very reputed problem, So to solve this the new concept was developed which is ‘Cloud Hosting’

The concept of cloud hosting is to establish the data center all over the globe and provide the feedback from nearest server. this concept is to overcome the major problem of the site down because of the server down.

i.e. If any site which is hosted on cloud hosting is serving from any particular server and suddenly there is a problem that happened with this server. So because it is hosted on the cloud it starts to serve from another nearest server, without any interruption.

Which is the best hosting for me?

Near about 75% answer to this question I have covered in the previous point and remaining is as follows.

The selection of the hosting completely depends on the type of your website and what quantity of people are visiting your website, and very important is the hosting provider, Which is as follows.

Depends on the type of hosting.

When we establish any website to optimize it we use different types of codes and techniques to make it fast and if the website is on WordPress we use different plugins for it.

But in some cases, these things are not works like in educational websites particularly with Tutor LMS if we use any cache plugin then the website stops the workinG. So for the website like LMS we need to use Cloud Hosting.

Also if you have an e-commerce website and there are lots of tasks runs in the background then you also need to buy the cloud hosting.

Depends on the number of visitors

This is the main factor while choosing the web hosting, normally best-shered hosting can handle the maximum 1000 visitors at a time but if the number oh active users is increased then the hosting provider downs your website.

If the visitors are increased then you need to shift for the cloud as we discussed the cloud has the best capability to Handel a good quantity of visitors.

If you have a very huge number of customer base then it always needs to use the dedicated hosting this can handle your load very efficiently also the speed of these types of hosting is very high.

Now if you are running a website like Amazon or Flipcart then you need to establish more then one dedicated hosting in a different geographical location, So you will be able to provide the best user experience to the user.

Which are The best hosting provider?


Yes, best hosting provider in 2020 if you search hosting providers on google there are dozens of companies will appear in front of you.

But when actually we researcher deep on this then wee find the only some are the actual hosting providers others are the only reseller.

And if you are buying the hosting from the reseller then you always need to buy big hosting than the actual requirement.

also in actual hosting sellers, only some of the hosting providers provide the best support and good service. In India, Namecheap is the best hosting provider also they provide the best support.

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How to buy hosting?

Lots of people are don’t know the right procedure to buy the hosting. The actual procedure starts from the selection of the domain which has discussed above, so the procedure is as follows.

Simple procedure to buy the best and cheapest Hosting.
Link to buy the best and cheapest Hosting. – Namecheap

Total Time: 4 minutes

Click on the Namecheap link above

The link is provided in the word ‘Namecheap’, Now you will see the best plans with respect to capacity.


Select your currency if not selected.

Now you will see the option to choose the time span for how many days you want to buy this.


Select hosting as per your requernment

ie. shared, WordPress, VPS,


Select the time spane for which you want to buy hosting.

The time span may be one month, one year, or two years.


Choose hosting as per your requernment.

This may be Stellar, Stellar Plus, or Stellar business.


Click on Get Started.

Shown on plan you want to buy.


Choose domain name if you want to buy or click on ‘Existing’ Domain name’


Click On ‘Add To Cart’ button

Now you will be redirected to the cart page


Click on ‘Confirm Order’


Login/create your account.


Provide requred detais.

Complete payment and done,

Introduction to C-panel

As we buy the hosting then we need to connect it with the domain. Also when we need to manage the various file of the website then we need one simplest interface to manage it.

So to salve the above problem hosting providers can provide us hosting with the c-panel it is nothing but the control panel. We can also say it as a file manager for the website.

from this control panel, we can manage the domain, take the backup manage the database, manage webmail, and so on. this is the one-stop solution for all hosting-related activity.

Content delivery network (CDN)

As we discussed above when initially we start our online business or website, then we don’t know what number of visitors will visit our website. So we always prefer to buy small shared hosting.

But the data centers or the servers of this type of hostings are situated in the US or UK. That time when our visitors are sent a request on the website this request travels from the visitors to the servers and data travel from server to visiter.

This all procedure consumes time and our website becomes slow, to avoid this wee need to use CDN. This can help us to reduce travel time and make the website faster.

What is CDN and how it works?

CDN is the large chain of data centers situated in all over the world. It works as a booster between the hosting and the visiter. The concept of CDN is the same as cloud hosting.

When we connect our website with CDN it collects our all data in the form of a cache file on there different centers which are spread all over the world which makes affect the speed of the website and the website becomes faster.

Top benefits of CDN

Following are the benefits of the content delivery network

  1. Website load time decreases and the website becomes faster.
  2. Powerful DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) protection
  3. Unlimited Free SSL certificate
  4. DNS Security Filtering
  5. DNS Content Filtering

Best CDN provider

Now there are two best CDN providers

  1. Namecheap
  2. Cloudflare

But when we analyze the data of this both CDN the Namecheap CDN is faster than Cloudflare. Also, the level of security and support of the Namecheap is very high. Supersonic speed is the identity of the Namechepe CDN.


  • Hosting is necessary to run the website
  • Cloud hosting is the best solution for all types oh website with medium load
  • CDN is the best solution to make the website secure and fast.
  • The selection of hosting depends on the type of website and the traffic on the website.
  • Always buy hosting from trusted providers. not from a reseller.

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What is mean by web hosting?

Hosting is nothing but the storage which saves our website or other data that we want to access through the internet.

Which is the best hosting for Educational website, or LMS?

Cloud hosting is the best hosting for the educational website. or the LMS website.

What is Cpanel?

Cpanel is the control panel to access all settings and files related to the hosting. You can find it by searching the website name”/cpanel” on the browser.

How to select hosting?

you can select the hosting by analyzing what type of website you have and what is the size of your traffic

Can web hosting be changed?

Yes, you can change your web hosting at any time. Maximum time if change your hosting within a month then you can also receive your money-back also.

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