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When we think about web design two things always come in mind which are domainname and hosting. But we have already discussed best hosting in our other blog which is – What is web hosting? Best web hosting for me in 2020

So now in this blog we are going to discuss about domain name

What is in it for me?

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What is the domain name?

As we know the internet is the ocean of information and online company, but when we want o to create our presence on the internet then it is necessary to deferential our self from others and set our one permanent address.

This address is called a domain name this is always different for anyone. This depends on you and availability. This means when we want to buy a domain and fix one then we want to search it on the domain name provider platform.

But if this is taken then we need to choose another name or extension. to fulfill our needs.

The conclusion of this is it is the unique name or web address to make us different on the internet. And tlearner.com is one example of this.

What are the extensions of the domain?

When we want to buy any domain on the internet then lots of time it happens that domain is already taken. So for convenience in this situation, there are lots of extensions are available on the internet.

From this range of extensions, you can choose the best extension you want. The following are examples of domain name extensions.

Note – IANA (Internet Assigned Number Authority) is the only authority that provides the domain worldwide.

  • .com (Main stream doamin)
  • .org
  • .net
  • .co
  • .in (Country level domain)
  • .gov (Government domain)


.com is a mane stream domain extension this min it has a top extension on the howl internet. So if you are choosing domain initially and all extensions are available then always choose .com and also buy other country-level domains.


.org indicates the organization this means, if any organization wnt to create their presence on the internet, then .org is the best extension for them. but it is not mean that only ly organization is able to take that.

But anyone who wants to buy a domain can take this by paying the charges.


This is also a top-level domain, and the long-form ids ‘Internet’. This type of domain is preferred by the people who are working or want to work in networking fields. But as above, anyone can buy this from sources.


This is also an important domain extension on the internet, and now it is getting famous, because of the unavailability of the required domain.

If your favorite domain is taken then you can use this with your country extension also like example.co.in

.in (Country level domain)

This type of domain is the shortcut of the country names this may be .in, .uk, etc this is also a high authority domain. also, this is cheaper than the other.

The meaning of these domains different for anyone like Company, Commercial, Corporation, and so on. If your favored domain is

.gov (Government domain)

.gov represents government these types of domains are used by the government. But in howl world, only the US government has .in domain and other countries are using .gov with country-level extensions.

Best example of this type is – india.gov.in

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For your business or website, you can choose any of the above and create your own website.

Which are the top domain extensions?

On the internet above 1500 domain extensions are available, but no all extensions are that much good authority, even some domain has very low value so it takes every effort to rank on google.

Because of this selecting the best domain is becomes one of the important tasks. So now we are going to discuss the same. In today’s internet world

Following are the top domain extensions.

  • .com (Main stream doamin)
  • .org
  • .net
  • .co
  • .in (Country level domain)
  • .gov (Government domain)

Details of this domains are we have alredy descused above.

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What is a subdomain?

In the complete blog, this is one of my favorite topics. Because after understanding this top you will able to create lots of domains without investing any resources.

So let’s get start.

When we buy a domain we get one free authority to create sub-domains. The number of this depends on the hosting what the number of subdomains allowing your hosting.

But the question remains what is a subdomain. So sub-domains mins the domain which we can create just by providing a single dot (.) before the actual domain. And it starts working as a separate domain.

The best example of a subdomain is the mobile extension of Facebook. Which is m.facebook.com when we search Facebook on the mobile browser and click on Facebook then we automatically redirected to this extensions m.Facebook.om

How to select the best domain?

Like hosting, the domain is also important, because if there any problem occurs in hosting we have a chance to change it also the backups help us to recover the website.

But the selection of the domain is a one-time process if any mistake happens in this process then this will create lots of problems. So to select the domain follow the process given below.

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How to select the best domain name? 100% effective SEO friendly.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Deside your niche.

The first and the main stape of selecting the domain is to decide your chich on which you want to work. because niche related domains help us in SEO.


Find top performing and low competition keywords related to your industry.

For gating the traffic from the initial days it is very important that you must select the best keywords.


Now from the combination of above two create 7 to 10 best names.

The best example of this is “PhonePay” in this name they have both word “phone” and “pay” and this was helped them in SEO and publicity both.

Now find availability of the all name which you have created with “.com” etension.

The maximum time it happens that the name created by us is already taken. select available domains.


Chake the spame score of all available domais.

Lots of time if happen that the domain chosen by us is expired domains and has a high spam score. This affects SEO badly.
MOZ is the best tool for checking the spam score.


Select domain with lowest spam score or no spam score.

This will help you to increase the SEO score.

Now buy this from the best domain providers.

Buy domains only from trusted domain providers.

By this way you can select best SEO freandli domain for yur website.

Which is the chipset domain name provider?

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We have discussed above that how to choose the best domain but there is one biggest problem while buying the domain is the selection of domain provider because if you need the best customer support then choose the best domain provider.

If we find the word domain on google you will see lots of ads but it how we decide the best one so it needs experience and study.

Best Suport

So from my experience and study, Namecheap is the best domain provider and they provide longterm live support for all the problems. So I always suggest “Namecheap”.

Lowest price

In the market, there are lots of domain providers but all have different prices. But we need to choose the best price domains. Some time-domain providers take the lowest price in the first year, but they charge more from next year.

So for the genuine price and I always suggest Namecheap which the best domain name provider with the lowest price.

How to buy domain free?

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The maximum time when we need the best domain it becomes costlier to buy and we miss the chance to buy one of the best domains for the solution to this problem I am here.

So as we decide above about the best domain providers but when anything becomes a best then it also becomes costlier. But if you are reading this blog then you will get the best domain free with your hosting so to credit this instantly click on the link given below.

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  • The best domain name is very important for SEO.
  • There are around 1500 domain extensions are available.
  • .com is one of the mainstream domain extension.
  • IANA (International Assign Name authority) is one of the authorities that generates the domain name and provides API to all resalers.
  • You can choose the best domain in the seven stapes given above.

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What is domain name.

It is a unique name that helps us to create our unique identity on the internet.

Which is the best domain name provider

Namecheap is the best domain name provider.

Which is the chipest domain name provider

Namecheap is the best domain name provider.

How to buy best domain

Follow the above given 7 steps of buying the best domain.

Which is the best domain name extension

.com is the best domain name extension

what is the domain neme extension of government of US

.gov is the domain extension of government of US

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