WordPress is the world’s most preferred CMS (Content Management System) and the major reasons behind this are, it is free and most customizable. But as we know WordPress is built on PHP which is somewhat old also WordPress provides lots of simplicity for users these all things make it slow so we need to Speed up your WordPress.

As we know the maximum number of traffic comes on our website from google and as per last some updates by google, it is cleared that now google will provide the best rank to only that website which is fast, or optimized or we can say which websites have the best score in Google PageSpeed Insights


What is in it for me?

How to check website speed

There are lots of tools available to check the speed or we can say the performance of the website but some of them are very relevant and popular in the industry which are as follows.

  1. Google PageSpeed Insight
  2. GTmetrix
  3. Pingdom Website Speed Test

For testing your website on the above tools just click on the name of the tool then the new window with the tool’s page will be open now you just need to paste your website URL with HTTP or HTTPS and click on the option given in front of you i.e. Analyze of Test and test will start.

Google Page Insights

After completing the test the tools will show you the actual score of your website for Desctop and Mobile it will also show the different load times and errors in your website As shown below.

Select a Good Hosting Provider


Hosting is the base of our website, and as we know the strength of the building is directly proportional to the base of the building. This concept is the same for the website also. That means initially the speed of our website completely depends on the speed of hosting so always choose the best hosting. Following are the checkpoints for buying the hosting.

Sr, No.Checkpoints Requirements
1. BandwidthUnlimited
2. SSLFree
3. WordPress AccelerationRequired
4. DatabasesUnlimited
5. Storage TypeSSD
Checkpoints for buying the hosting

I also have written one complete blog on hosting selection please visit this for knowing more about hostings.

Blog – What is web hosting? Best web hosting for me

Following are some best hosting providers with free SSL, Free Cache plugins, and Free Domain.

  1. Premium Quality Web Hosting
  2. Shared Hosting

Hosting and Domain related Coupons are hereCoupons

Choose a lite and fast Theme

The aim of all developers is to create a bountiful website which will be able to retain the visitors, and for which we choose heavy themes with large CSS and so on. But actually, we don’t use all the functions and the assets of these themes but it consumes our resources which makes the website slow.

Now for reducing this effect of the theme on the website you need to choose the best and lite theme which consumes our minimum resources and our website loads fast. There are lots of plugins available in the market which are not only best but also free to use.

Astra Theme

Following are some of the best and faster themes

  1. GeneratePress.
  2. Astra.
  3. OceanWP
  4. Neve
  5. Zakra
  6. Writee
  7. Arke

Out of above the Astra and generate press are more popular.

GeneratePress Theme
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Use CDN (Cloudflare)

At the time of buying the hosting, we always try to buy the best hosting at the lowest price for which lots of time we Compromise with the because of things, And the location of the servers is one of them.

Now when we buy the hosting with servers at one country that time when visters wisits our website from anthare country that time our website takes an time to load because of long destons betwin the visiters and server.

Now for redusing these time of interaction we can use the the CDN (Content Delivery Network)

What Is CDN (Content Delivery Network)

CDN is the network of servers that is sprayed all over the world. Now when we connect our website with the CDN it stores our website on their server in the form of cache files all over the world. Now when visitors send requests to our website then the website can directly serve them from the local server of CDN this makes our website fast to serve.


At the starting of the blog I have mentioned Cloudflare with CDN, Now we are going to understand what is and why CDN. Cloudflare is the company which provides the CDN service for free all over the world, also it comes in the top 5 CDN in the world.


How to cunnect website with cloudflare.

To connect the website with cloudeflare you just need to create an account on cloudeflare, add your website now change your present name servers with the nameservers provided by cloudeflare, I also have written the complete procedure of this in another blog of which link is given below.

How to connect website with Cloudflare? Cloudflare setup

Optimize Images

Another importent point to optimize the website is to optimize the images the reasons behind this is when visitors visit our website our all content starts to load one by one as per the speed of the internet but the images one of the heaviest part of ou website which that’s why it takes the time to load and which causes website takes a time to load.

Now for reducing the effect of images mentioned above we need to optimize images with Size, Delivery Method, Image Format, and so on. Now for this, all follow the points given below.

  1. Always Use images in JPEG format. (Use PNG only if necessary)
  2. Compress images with Tiny PNG
  3. Reduce image pixels with the help of Microsoft Paint
  4. Use CDN image delivery with the help of Flying Images by WP Speed Matters Plugin
  5. Convert images into WebP format with the above mentioned plugin.

Cpanel website optimization

When we buy the hosting then we realize the necessity of the control panel to manage the hosting and except for some hosting providers like Hostinger all hosting providers provide the Cpanel. now in Cpanel there is one great option is given that is “Website Optimization”.

Cpanel Optimize Website

For website optimization first login to the your Cpanel now search for “Website Optimization”. and complete the settings. This will help you to compress the assets and speedup your website.

Use the website optimization plugin

There are lots of technics to optimize the website and it is difficult to implement all technics separately one by one this is is very time-consuming and if we implement this by using a separate plugin for each this will make the website heavy.

No w for the solution of these there are some plugins available in the market which helps us to do all optimization work from the same place without consuming the large space. following are some of them.

  1. Swift Performance Lite
  2. WP Fastest Cache
  3. W3 Total Cache
  4. WP Rocket
  5. LiteSpeed Cache (Best In all if you are using lite speed technology hosting)
Swift Performance

From the above four plugins the first plugin i.e. Swift Performance Lite is the best for complete optimization in free and in paid WP Rocket is best. But if you are using the Web-Hosting with Litespeed technology then the Litespeed cache is one of the best free plugins which is able to compete directly with any paid plugin.

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Install and setup asset cleaning plugin.

As we discussed above in the theme section lots of assets come with themes that are not actually useful for us but that consume the resources. But not only theme but also there are lots of plugins which come with unnecessary assets that make our website slow to load.

Now for reducing the above-mentioned effect of the assets we need to clean up these assets by using the plugins. following are some of the best plugins to clean up the assets.

  1. Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster
  2. Hummingbird – Optimize Speed, Enable Cache, Minify CSS & Defer Critical JS
Asset CleanUp

Now Asset CleanUp: Page Speed Booster is one of the ideal solutions for the websites but for using these plugins we the user requires enough knowledge of the assets like CSS, JavaScript, etc. then he can use it properly. But if the user doesn’t know that all then hummingbird is is best which make the process of asset clinging is easy.

You just need to install and activate the “Hummingbird – Optimize Speed, Enable Cache, Minify CSS & Defer Critical JS” plugin, set it on auto-optimization, and done.


  1. Good hosting is the first requirement for making the website fast.
  2. Heavy themes cause the website slow.
  3. For making website equal fast all over the world CDN is necessary.
  4. Cloudflare is the best free CDN.
  5. Image Optimization is essential for website optimization.
  6. We can optimize our website with the help of a website optimization plugin.
  7. Asset clinging is the best technique for making websites faster.


Which are the best tools for checking the speed of website.

Which are the best free themes for wordpress

Which is the Best free image CDN delivery plugin

Flying Images by WP Speed Matters is the best free emage CDN delivery plugin

Which are the best website optimization plugins

Swift Performance Lite
WP Fastest Cache
W3 Total Cache
WP Rocket
LiteSpeed Cache (Best In all if you are using lite speed technology hosting)

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