Installation of WordPress in Cpanel is the initial process to start a WordPress website. But to install the WordPress on the website is required guidance and for which I am here.

But before starting the procedure you need to know something about both Cpanel and WordPress both. So let’s get start.

What is in it for me?

Introduction to WordPress

WordPress is an open-source Content Management System or you can say a website creation platform written in PHP and My SQL database is used.

You can create your website in WordPress by using different themes and plugins easily. The creation of the website in WordPress is so simple. Just drag and drop to create the website.

WordPress Theme

As we discussed above you can create a WordPress website easily by using theme and plugins. But the main thing is that what is Theme.

When we start to develop the website then we plan the look and UI for the website, and for which we need to install the theme which gives style to the website.

Following are the top WordPress themes.

  1. Avada
  2. Divi
  3. Astra
  4. Studio press Theme
  5. X Theme
  6. Bridge
  7. Socially Viral

WordPress Plugin

When we need to implement new features in our WordPress website then we need to program it but we are using CMS because we don’t know that level of coding.

Now to implement new functionality on the website we can install the different plugins on it like the contact-form plugin for contact form, page builder plugin for building the best page.

Following are the some most popular plgins

  1. Contact form 7
  2. Yoast SEO
  3. Classic Editor
  4. Akismet Spam Protection
  5. Elementor website builder
  6. Woocomerce
  7. Jetpack – WP Security, Backup, Speed, & Growth

Introduction To Cpanel

Whwn we buy hosting we also get lots of feetures it like webmail accounts, SSL and so on, But to manage it we requres one panel, and the Cpanel is same.

Now in all of the control panel, Cpanel is most popular because it is based on the Linux which is opensource so it is cheapest in all other. The Linux Webhosting is also called as Cpanel hosting.

Because of this Cpanel Linux hosting becomes somewhat costlier than its actual price but there is one hosting provider which have there own Contro panel called Hpanel and that hosting provider is Hostinger.

Hostinger is one of the fastest hosting and it works on Litespeed technology hosting and they also provide their own control panel which is so simple fast and easy to use. That’s why it becomes the cheapest hosting than others,

Hostinger hosting Coupons –

How to install WordPress on Cpanel?

How to install WordPress on Cpanel? WordPress is the most popular CMS (Content Management System) in the world because it is free and easy to use. For using this it is necessary to install WordPress on your hosting. So following are the stapes to install the WordPress on your hosting. But for doing this you need one domain connected with hosting.

Total Time: 5 minutes

Search Cpanel followed by your domain in the browser.

Like all the pages of the website your Cpanel also have its own address which is ‘https://yourdomainame/cpanel’ then you will redirect to your Cpanel login page.


Enter your username and password and press ‘Log in’.

If you don’t know the password then click on forgot the password you will get your username and password o your mail. Now you will find your Cpanel open.


Scroll down to the app installer.

In app installer, As we discuss above in Cpanel there are lots of features and the app installer feature is at the most bottom.


Select wordpress.

In-app installer section you will find lots of different CMS like Jumla, Prestashop, etc. But you need to select the only one which is WordPress. Then another window of WordPress installation will open in front of you.


Click on install now option.

Here you will find the demo page of your website after installing the WordPress. Here you will also see the lots of other options but you only need to select ‘Install Now Option’


Select the latest version of WordPress.

At the time of installation of WordPress, you need to choose the latest version of WordPress. That will help you to make run all the latest plugins smoothly. The maximum time it will be preselected.


Choose protocol http or https.

The selection of protocol depends on if you have an SSL certificate or not. If you have an SSL certificate then Choose https otherwise choose http.


Choose your domain on which you want to install wordpress.

In which you will see all the domains connected with this hosting choose one.


Provide your site name and site description as per your sites or your goal.

This will show on your website when the installation is done.


Enable Multisite (MPMU) if you want to add multiple websites to the same domain. otherwise, live it unchecked.

Lots of people want to install, multiple websites on the same domain that time it will work for you.


Add your admin username and password.

You can log in to WordPress with the help of this id and password for editing the website.


Enter your Email Id.

Email id maybe Gmail or your webmail which you want. You can change it anytime from WordPress.


Choose your preferred language.

Select your website language but and English is the most used language because maximum plugins come with English preselected.


Select the plugins if you want to install any otherwise left it unlocked.

In this setting, it will show you the options of some plugins like cache, security, and so on.


Provide the name to the database.

Choose short mane as per you. Like tlearner


Select table prefix.

Select any table prefix as like database it may be blog


Now select the theme from the given option.

If you don’t want to select any from the given then your WordPress will automatically choose the latest WordPress preinstall theme.


Now click on install.

After clicking on install wordpress intalation prosess will start.


Open your both Site and admin URL in two different tabs.

Login with your Username and Password. You will find your WordPress dashboard.



If your admin panel or website is not opening and showing an error like your PHP version is old. Goto Cpanel scrolls down and select PHP selector or ‘select PHP version’ and select the latest one.


Basic WordPress settings

After installing WordPress you need to do some basic sating. for which you need to log in the WordPress from your admin URL by using your admin username and password.

Create Page

Click on pages option > Add New > Give the page title “Home” > Publish. By following the above procedure create one more page by title “Blog” and publish this also.

Reading setting

Now again go to the dashboard and click on sating. > Reading setting and do the following settings.

  • Your homepage displays – A static page (select below)
  • Home Page – Home
  • Post Page – Blog

And click on save changes

Permalink Settings

Now again go to the dashboard and click on sating. > Permalink Settings > Select Post name > Save Changes.

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  • For installing WordPress on your website you must have a Control panel
  • For running the WordPress you must have a control panel
  • The installation of CMS is easy
  • For selecting https you must have an SSL certificate.


What is Cpanel?

Cpanel is a control panel developed on Linux it comes with Linux hosting.

What is CMS?

CMS or Content Management Systems are the platform to build the website. And WordPress is one of the most popular CMS in the world.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is not another then a CMS or Content Management Systems which we can use to build the website.

What is SSL?

SSL or (Secure Sockets Layer) is the certificate that makes your website secure.

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