Google Webmaster Tools has been among the presents the webmaster community was offered by Google. Of the things they did there were openings.

The most noticeable shortcoming in my field of expertise was the connection. While it beneficial to be knowledgeable about quality and the number it’s also important to see your connection profile has grown with time. Here at Virante, we attempt to develop along with solutions which work for our customers and employees.

Frequently, this means creating software that may work on multiple OS along with retains data from computer to computer. The version will track the 1 month in Google Webmaster Tools links across your website.

You visit with your Google Webmaster Tools accounts and install the expansion, you will notice that the graph wo show on your first day in the links section. After you recorded the system is only going to display the graph.

Links tomorrow visit your webmaster tools and your graphs will be set up. Everyone can download the extension and it’s completely and permanently free. The Pro Version offers a variety of data straight from your External Links page.

90 day monitoring of Google Webmaster Tools Outside Links for Website – 90 day monitoring of Yahoo External Links for Website – 90 day monitoring of Google Webmaster Tools Outside Links for All Sub Pages Listed – 90 day monitoring of Yahoo External Links for Website for All Sub Pages Listed – PageRank for on site pages recorded – PageRank for all outside links listed – Clearly, we intend to continue to boost the performance of the Pro version. The Pro Version is $5 per month per domain or sub-domain, no matter how many pages are in yours domain or subdomain.

To register, visit the Glync Homepage. Sadly, Google Webmaster Tools data sits behind a login. Keeping privacy at mind, we created a system which allows that your link data to be stored in a remote database without needing that your Google login and password.

The only data which we store in these databases. Your user name! this is to prevent data poisoning. Unless of course, someone knows both that your URL and that your user name, they can’t impact that your results – Your pages: the list of pages recorded on your Outside Links page – Your links: how many links every page has – each Time you login into Google Webmaster Tools and visit your Outside Links page, your Mozilla Firefox expansion pings our server with the most recent link data. We take privacy seriously.

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