How to create best educational website free.

Now a day anyone wants to go online and create their identity in different sectors. But no one sector is stable and longlasting. People start a business in different sectors and they get fail because some big change occurs in those sectors.


But no problem we have one sector which is not only stable but also the fastest-growing sector the name is the educational sector now you see the lots of companies from this sector are earning very high.

So now get start to create our educational website

What is in it for me?

  1. What is LMS?
  2. Best hosting for LMS
  3. Best domain for LMS
  4. Best free plugins for LMS
  5. Other required plugins
  6. Best free Themes for LMS
  7. The procedure of LMS website creation
  8. Courses Creation
  9. Woocomerce integration
  10. Conclusion
  11. FAQ

Lots of people want to start a different website to start the business. But because of some reason, they get to fail. But don’t worry follow the procedure below you will be able to create the best website.

What is LMS?

Now a day we see lots of people are working on educational content and they are doing this all from a single website. All the educational content from courses to exam are managing a single website.

The all this management system is called LMS and the long form of LMS is the learning management system. You will understand it step by step at the time of creation.

Best hosting for LMS

When we decide to start any business we always think to start it at a minimum but some times ower decision goes wrong and we this becomes an expensive same is here.

If we are thinking to choose Webhosting always choose the best and big size of hosting like cloud hosting because when we choose an ordinary hosting or low capacity hosting it can not bear such a load of LMS Plugins and others.

Mainly LMS, SEO, and image optimization plugins are consuming lots of ram and processor capacity and the site gets down, So select the best hosting.

My suggetion For hosting is – Namecheap

EasyWP. It's time for the fastest WP host

Best Domain for LMS

In the process of website development, the domain does not perform single work. But it is so important because when we advertise our site or tell anyone about our site we always say only the domain name, So he needs to remember it always.

Also when domain name must be related to our niche on which we are working like our domain ( ) because we are working related to education.

When people search there niche our domain appears firs if it is related.

Chipest Suggestion for choosing Domain – Namecheap

Free WhoisGuard with Every Domain Purchase at Namecheap

Best free LMS plugins

There are lots of companies in the market that are providing there LMS plugins but the rates of all companies are very high. Sometimes it goes beyond the complete investment on the hosting and domain.

But we have some best plugins which will help you to build the best website not just website best educational website so this are as follows.

  1. LearnPress
  2. Tutor LMS

But from above both I always suggest the second one which is Tutor LMS. because of its user-friendliness and also it is a one-stop solution for the complete process also.

Also, it has one best thing is when we need to go for premium then this plugin can provide you a premium option. So go to plugins > Add New > Search > Tutor Lms > install > Activate.

Other required Plugins

With the educational plugin, we also need some plugins for different works like getting payment, Receiving contact requests, etc. Plugins are as follows.

  1. Woocommerce
  2. Eliminator
  3. Aniware Ellimentor
  4. Essential Addons for Elementor
  5. Contact Form7/Wp Form
  6. MC4WP
  7. Site Kit by Google
  8. Yoast Seo
  9. one click demo import

All the plugins mensioned above are free

To install all these plugins goto Plugins > Add New > Search one by one all above plugins > install

Then go to Plugins > Select all > Choose the option Activate (From Bulk action) and apply or you can activate all plugins one by one.

Best free LMS Themes

  • Education LMS

The above-mentioned theme is one of the best free themes for educational website the main thing of this theme is it provides ready-made content or demo or templates to download.

The best example of ready-made content is its home page. It provides the best-designed homepage so you can directly build your best homepage only by changing the images and text.

Link To download the Theme –

The procedure of LMS website creation


Initial WordPress Setting

  1. Buy suggested hosting. You will also get the free domain so choose the best domain for your niche.
  2. go to the hosting > Websites/apps > Install WordPress > Create account on the WordPress.
  3. Login with WordPress.
  4. Now you will see the option “Screen Options” click on it and untick all the options shown above.
  5. Setting > General > Put the
    1. Site Title
    2. Tagline
    3. Website URL ( In both WordPress Address and Site Adress)
    4. Membership – Anyone can register (On it)
    5. New user role – Subscriber
    6. Site language – English ( United State)
    7. Time Zone – Kolkata ( For India)
    8. Then click on “Save Changes”
  6. Click on setting > permalink
  7. Select the ‘Post name’ option in the ‘Common Setting’
  8. Hower on the home symbol or your domain name.
  9. You will see the option “Visit Site” right-click on it and open it in a new window. You will see your site.
  10. Again click on the previous window > Page > Add New
  11. You will see the open page Put the heading “Home” and click on publish. then it will ask you for confirmation for publishing, then click on publish.
  12. Create the ‘Blog’ page by the same above procedure.
  13. Now click on setting > Reading
  14. You will see the option “Your homepage displays” now choose the  “A static page (select below)”
  15. Select the “Home” As a home page and “Blog” as a post page. Now don’t do any other change, go below and click on save the change.

Woocommerce Setup

How to setup a Woocommerce

Total Time: 1 hour and 10 minutes

Click on Dashboard

Now you will see the “woocommerce Setup”


Now you will see the window which will ask you to start the woocommerce setup click on ‘Yes Please’


Now insert your address

Now insert your address line1 > Adress Line 2 (This is optional) > Then select your state and country > Select your City > Postal Code > Click on continue. > Again click on continue


Select your industry

Select your industry ‘Education and Learning’ > continue.


Which type of product will be listed

Which type of product will be listed. > 1. Physical Products & 2. Downloads > Continue.


Tell us about your business

Tell us about your business > Select the maximum number of products you want to display. > Select selling elsewhere > No/Other > Continue.


Select Theme

Continue with my active theme


It will ask you for installing Jetpack

Click on no thanks > Next > Next > Next.


For adding products you need to click on products

Add new


Important Page Creation

  1. Now go to pages again see the following important pages are present or not.
    1. About us
    2. Blog
    3. Cart
    4. Checkout
    5. Contact Us
    6. Courses
    7. DashBoard
    8. Home
    9. Instructor Registration
    10. My account
    11. Privacy Policy
    12. Student Registration
    13. Terms And condition
  2. If any page from the above list is missing then create it the same as the home page. If You are facing any problem in this then see the video above.

Menu Creation

Main Menu (Primary)

  1. Now go to the dashboard > Appearance > Menus > Select Menu to edit “Main Menu” > Select.
  2. If there is no Main Menu then click on the create menu. Name it as a “Main Menu”
  3. Then scroll down and select the “Primary Menu.” option and save it.
  4. Now select menu to edit > Main Menu (Primary) click on select.
  5. Now go to “Add Menu Item” > View all > select the following pages
    1. Home
    2. Courses
    3. Dashboard
    4. Student Registration
    5. Instructor Registration
    6. Blog
  6. Now scroll down to display location and conform it must be primary.

Footer Menu

  1. Now again go to the select menu to edit and choose the footer menu, If there is no footer menu then click on create menu. Name it as a “Footer Menu”
  2. Then scroll down and select the “Footer” option and save it.
  3. Now go to “Add Menu Item” > View all > select the following pages
    1. Home
    2. Courses
    3. Blog
    4. About us
    5. Contact Us
    6. DashBoard
    7. Instructor Registration
    8. My account
    9. Privacy Policy
    10. Student Registration
    11. Terms And condition
  4. Then save the menu

Theme Installation

  1. Then click on Dashboard > Appearance > Theme > Add New
  2. Search For “Educational LMS”
  3. you will find theme > Install > Activate
  4. Now again go to your site in another window and refresh it you will see the site’s look is changed

Frontpage Creation and Demo Import

  1. Now its time to build a front page, So to build the front page you have two options which are as follows.
    1. Import a demo
    2. Build a page by Eliminator (Page Builder)
  2. Now in this blog, we will choose demo import.
  3. To know how to build a home page by eliminator see the video above.
  4. Now click or hover on the ‘Appearance’ option you will see another option which is ‘Import demo data’ click on the same.
  5. You will again see the option Import demo at as a button click on this. You will see the data is importing wait till the download – unzip and install.
  6. After the completion of the process again go to another tab where you have opened your site, then refresh it you will see the fully developed site.
  7. Now start to change the images and the text with your relevant Images and text.
  8. After finishing the setup of the first page (Home Page) goto Dashboard.

Page Building

Term and Condition

  1. Now select the pages “Term and Condition” click on edit.
  2. Open another tab and go to Term and condition generator now enter the required data like email id and site URL then click on next.
  3. Then select the country, state, and click on generate terms and conditions. Copy the same and paste in your term and condition page and Update it.

Privacy Policy

  1. Then again go to the dashboard > pages > Privacy Policy > edit.
  2. Now go to the Privacy policy generator follow the same procedure as above and Update the privacy policy page.

Contact Us

Contact Form Creation
  1. Then again go to the dashboard > pages > edit in new tab
  2. Come back to the first tab > Dashboard > Contact > add new
  3. Insert this code in the table
  4. Download the contact form code from here
  5. Click on the mail option and follow the steps
  6. Then check the mail (2) option this is for reply mail
  7. set the reply mail as per you and save the setting.
  8. Copy the shortcode. Shown above in form setting.
  9. Now go to another tab where we have opened the contact page.
  10. Click on the + button shown on the page and insert 2 column
  11. Now select one column click on the + button shown inside the column and search for “short Code” click on the shortcode option and paste the shortcode copied from the contact page and publish the page now in another tab open the preview. you will see your contact form.
Adding extra information
  1. Now open the tab where we are editing the contact form go on the second block click on the + button and search for the paragraph.
  2. And write the extra info that you want to show.
  3. Then press the enter
Putting Google Map
  1. Now when you press the enter after inserting extra information you will again see the + button click on it
  2. Cose the HTML code option
  3. Open the anther window search “Google Map”
  4. Search your actual location on the map
  5. You will see some options choose the “share” option
  6. Click on Embedded, Now you will see the iframe (HTML Code)
  7. Copy the HTML code
  8. Now go to your Contact us page
  9. Paste this code in HTML
  10. Edit the code set ‘Width=”100%”‘ and set hight as per you.
  11. Now update the page > preview > Preview in new tab
  12. You will see the complete update contact us page with a map.

About Us

  1. Now go to dashboard > pages > Select About us Page > Edit in new tab
  2. This page is providing you the great opportunity to explain your idea.
  3. Now you will see the blank about us page
  4. First, write about your website what actually you are doing through this site
  5. Then insert the best image suited to your page.
  6. Also if you want you can insert the two columns and explain your history and your future plans.
  7. Now the creation of the page is completed

Tutor LMS Setting

Now after the completion of the above setup it is the tine for Tutor LMS setup so let’s get started

General Setting

  1. So first of all goto dashboard > Tutor LMS > Setting
  2. You will see the tutor LMS general setting in front of you and if not then click on general
  3. Select the page “Dashboard” For dashboard
  4. Enable the following things by checking the block.
    1. Public Profile
    2. Profile Completion
    3. Load Tutor CSS
    4. Load Tutor JavaScript
    5. Spotlight Mode
    6. YouTube player
    7. Vimeo Player
    8. Pagination ( As per You eq. 20)
    9. Front Admin Bar
    10. Error message for wrong login credentials set – Incorrect username or password.
    11. And save the setting

Instructor Profile Settings

  1. Go to dashboard > Tutor LMS > Setting > Instructors
  2. Enable all options
  3. Choose “Instructor Registration” Page as an Instructor Registration Page
  4. Save setting

Student Profile settings

  1. Go to dashboard > Tutor LMS > Setting > Students
  2. Enable all options
  3. Choose the “Student Registration” Page as a Student Registration Page
  4. Save setting

Monetization Setting

  1. Go to dashboard > Tutor LMS > Setting > Monetization
  2. Choose Woocommerce
  3. Save setting

Woocomerce Setting

  1. Go to dashboard > Tutor LMS > Setting > Woocomerce
  2. Enable add to cart feature for guest users
  3. Save setting

Curses Creation

Our one of the aim behind the creation of this website is earning money by creating and selling the courses so it’s the time of learning a ” How to create a course?” so let’s get start.

Heading And Description

  1. Goto Dashboard > Tutor LMS > Courses > Add New
  2. You will see the Tutor LMS courses dashboard
  3. First of all, provide the heading (Title) for the course
  4. Now you will see the big empty space below the heading title block, Here you can describe your course by the text. Here you are free to use a marketing strategy.

Course setting (General)

  1. Maximum student
    • Set number if you want any
    • Set ‘0’ for unlimited students
  2. Default Level
    • Here you have three lave choose any as pr you

Course Builder

In this section, you can start to build your course follow the steps to build the course

  1. Click on ‘Add new topic’
  2. Provide the topic name and summer and click on ‘Add Topic’
  3. Choose what you actually want to ad ether lesson or quiz.
  4. So we will choose the ‘Lesson’

Lesson Creation

  1. Click on the option ‘Lesson’
  2. Provide the heading to the lesson
  3. Now describe your lesson,
  4. If you have any video from Vimeo or YouTube copy the link from the platform and paste directly in the lesson where you want video
  5. Also If you want to show this video only in the course then make this video private where it saved.
  6. If you want to add video after the lesson then you can choose the source below and paste the link.
  7. also if you want sate video time
  8. Upload the featured image if you want
  9. If you have any attachment particularly for this lesson you can attach the same. from the ‘Upload Attachment’ option
  10. Now upload the lesson

Quiz Creation

  1. Now again click on add new topic
  2. Click on ‘Quiz’
  3. Enter the quiz title and description and click on save and next.
  4. Then click on ‘Add Question’
  5. Write your question
  6. Now choose the quiz type from below
    • True/False
    • Single choice
    • Multiple Choice
    • Open Ended/Easy
    • Fill in the blank
  7. For example, we will choose ‘Single Choice’
  8. Set the points dor question
  9. If you want to explain the question then provide the description it is optional.
  10. Provide the first option, You can choose image also
  11. Now select what actually you want to display
    • Only Text
    • Only Image
    • Image and Text Both
  12. Now click on the save ‘Save Answer’
  13. Follow the above procedure to add more options
  14. Click on Save and continue.
  15. To add more questions follow the same procedure again and again. And click on next
  16. Set the time allotted for the quiz.
  17. Choose quiz feedback mode
    • Default
    • Retry Mode
    • Reveal Mode
  18. Set the attempt allowed, Passing Grade and Maximum question allowed to answer
  19. Click on the Save button
  20. Now click on ‘Advance Option’
  21. Set question layout and Order.
  22. Click on the Save button.
  23. Now you can add more lessons or quiz by following the above procedure

Author Setting

When we login to WordPress then it already set you as an author that’s why there is no need to set the author.

Additional Data Setting

Here you can set the cource duration and also you can add the the othere seo related and marketing related terms.

Video Setting

  1. From this setting, you can ad the course intro video
  2. select the video source
  3. Paste the URL link, HTML code or upload the video

Featured Image

  1. Find the ‘Featured Image’ option on the right side of the dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Set Featured Image’
  3. Choose if already uploaded or upload the image
  4. Provide the ‘Alt Text’ and other info
  5. now save the image will be set as the featured image.

Other Importent Setting

  1. Choose the course category if available or create new.
  2. Provide the tags for the course

Publish Course

  1. Now after doing all the important settings scroll up the page and click on the ‘Publish’ button.
  2. Then you will see the permalink on top if possible make it as short as possible,
  3. Now scroll down to the yeost set the heading, description etc. and click on update.
  4. With this procedure, you can add more and more courses easily.

Woocommerce integration

Actually there is no special procedure to integrate the Woocommerce with the Tutor LMS you can just need to set the price only. Which is as follows.

  1. Dashboard > Products > Add New
  2. Name the product as same as the course name
  3. Scroll down to ‘Product Data’ set ‘Simple product’
  4. Check the ‘Virtual’
  5. Set regular price and discounted price.
  6. Publish the product.
  7. Now Goto Dashboard > Tutor LMS > Courses > Select your course > click on edit.
  8. Scroll down to ‘Add Product’ click on ‘Select Product’ You will your product name choose the same.
  9. Choose course type paid
  10. And click on the update option situated at the top right.


With this procedure you can create best educational website without investment. Following are the important pints

  1. Education LMS is the best free theme for educational websites.
  2. Tutor LMS is the best free LMS plugin for educational websites
  3. we can accept the payment on our website through the Woocommerce.
  4. Contact form 7 is the best option for receiving a contact requests.
  5. it is very simple to create the best educational website

To know more about hosting please visitWhat is web hosting? Best web hosting for me in 2020-21


Which is the best educational or LMS plugin?

Tutor LMS is the best educational or LMS plugin.

What is mean by LMS ?

LMS is the Learning Management System.

Which is the best free LMS or Educational theme.

Education LMS is the best educational or LMS theme.

Which plugin will help to get resive payment on website

Woocomerce will help you to get the payment on website,

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