About Tlearner

Tlearner is a Digital Marketing company and Institute founded by Ajay Thakare. Our aim is to provide Quality Digital Marketing Courses and Digital Marketing services.  

Our Approach to Digital Marketing is Centered Around The Growth of Our Customers and Students.

At Tlearner.com the quality service is our priority, we always try to deliver the best product in the form of our services. We are always caring for the future of our students as well as the growth of our customers.

For our customers we are always open for their growth by creating unique marketing strategies, we help them to identify and grow their USP, to go completely online, to grow their social media presence, to improve online lead generation from different platforms, with the help of SEO and Digital Marketing. In one word we provide the complete package for growing the business at the best price. 

For our students, we are always open to growing their skills in digital marketing as well as strategy making. In the education field, our only aim is to make our student’s future great by providing them quality education. We have developed our courses according to today’s industry requirements.

After completing our course Students will be experts In different aspects of Digital Marketing, like SEO, Social Media Marketing, Brand Building, Analytics, PPC, Web Development, Email marketing, and so on.

Our Values

We are always diligent in providing consistent and the best services to our Customers and Students.


What We Do Best


Web Development


Social Media

Email Marketing



Team Training

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